Property Manager

“Let your business take off with Rentopolis”
forget about concerns and fixed costs ”


Rentopolis offer to the property managers a complete and reliable solution to get the most whether you manage five properties or 500 .
Our team of experts is standing by tomanage your accounts, recommend strategies, maximize your marketing ROI, and help your business grow.
A Software Platform will automates countless bureaucratic iter and a synchronize with the most important networks around the word (such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking or Trivago),
Accounting Management, Smart Home and Home Automation are only some of the advantages you can benefit with Rentopolis.
Rentopolis gives you an unique partnership agreement built keeping in mind the Success Fee and avoiding the fixed cost. Rentopolis gives you all the tools to make sure you’re in control of everything and in a very simple way.

Legal, fiscal, bureaucratic assistance

With Rentopolis' s teams of experts not any detail will be left

Centralized accounting

We’ll help you collect payment, deduct a commission, and send you the balance The Platform generates the forms for tax compliance every month and you will receive any regulatory or administrative updates online.

An unique system for everything .

Rentopolis will give you the tools to have everything in control : our PMS (Property Management Software) will synchronize all the booking networks, manage the reservations, calculate the tourist tax so there is nothing for you to worry about.

24/7 Call center and customer care

Professional service, quick response to reviews, 360º guest assistance .

Revenue management

Set the best rate : Rentopolis monitor and adjust the rate based on the performance of competitors and price changes thorugh a dynamic pricing algorithmst which keep in consideration the geo-localized and disaggregated data for period.

Our best suppliers at your house

All Rentopolis places are centrally managed from a control room software to optimize consumption, remotelty open doors , control and report excess of noise and much more.

Review analysis

We know what our guests "say about us" and we answer to all the reviews.

Any service your guest may wish

Cities itineraries,museum guides, car rental, transfer, local restaurants advice and promotions and a lot more … Let us take care of you from your apartment just using a tablet .

Our best suppliers at your house

Services at the lowest cost for the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of your property, thanks to the contractual strength of Rentopolis which manages hundreds of apartments all over the world.

No fixed costs

Revenue share model. Just a percentage on your the rental activity . Did you ever thought on how much would it cost you hiring people or pay professional services to manage all these services? With Rentopolis, all you have to do is earnings from hosting

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