Company Information

Company registered in the Register of Companies of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi on 09 october 2013,
by the notary dr. Ciro de Vivo with studio in Largo Donegani nr 2, Milan.

Headquarters: Via Giuseppe Candiani 101/2 – 20158 Milan (MI)

Company Purpose

The company has as its object the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value, in particular in the real estate sector and through the exercise, by way of example, of the following activities, to be exercised in particular through the use of the internet and all applications related to new technologies in general, as well as through the use and development of web platforms, applications and software dedicated to them:

  • The advice and the provision of real estate services, such as, but not limited to, the following services: rental management of buildings for residential, commercial, industrial, tourist or otherwise, of building, restructuring, administration, rent or lease or otherwise;
  • The provision of services aimed at achieving the maximum possible profit deriving from the lease and / or sublease and / or lease of real estate and / or third party companies also through the establishment and granting, on specific mandate of the owners, of personal rights or real estate enjoyment on rustic and urban real estate as well as on companies, all for the satisfaction of housing, working, professional, commercial needs and may include:
    •  (i) the preparation of the property or business complexes in question, the subsequent maintenance, the provision of ordinary and extraordinary services, the provision of all the necessary and appropriate users for the best use of the properties and / or the business complexes themselves;
    • (ii) the sale and rental of furniture components, crockery, kits, household appliances as well as the supply of services (electricity, telephone, gas, cleaning and anything else useful or connected) and the execution of all administrative, bureaucratic and consultancy activities also legal and fiscal, managerial and technical for real estate and / or companies;
    •  (iii) the production and commercialization of artefacts, gadgets, complements and other;
  • The purchase (including through financial leasing), transfer, exchange, construction, administration, rent or lease, lease and sub-lease, restructuring and improvement both direct and indirect of own real estate and of third parties in general, including but not limited to land and buildings, real estate for residential, commercial, artisanal, industrial, agricultural or other use, as well as the intermediation activity in
    real estate matters;
  • The organization and production of events and communication campaigns, market research, statistics, information and marketing material both on traditional channels and via the internet in relation to real estate services or in any case related or connected to the corporate purpose of the company;
  • The creation of websites and / or online portals for the promotion of real estate activities or in any case relating to the corporate purpose of the company;
  • The carrying out, on one’s own and / or on behalf of third parties, of all the practices and authorizations necessary for the exercise of accommodation activities such as, by way of example, bed and breakfast, holiday apartments, landlords, as well as management of such accommodation activities, or hospitality / rental services, even but not only in the short term, also on behalf of third parties;
  • The exercise on one’s own and / or on behalf of third parties, of accommodation type activities such as, but not limited to, bed and breakfast, holiday apartment houses, landlords, as well as the management of such accommodation activities or hospitality / rental services also not only in the short term, also on behalf of third parties;
  • The execution and / or the direct and indirect intervention, also under the financial profile of interventions aimed at the subdivision of land, urban planning works and tourist enhancement
  • The study, design and implementation, also in relation to the company’s activity, of websites, applications and new communication, marketing, administrative and management simplification systems and more, with the definition of the applicable procedures. with the express exclusion of any activity reserved by law to members of specific professional registers or lists. the company, on a non-prevalent basis and wholly ancillary and instrumental and within the limits permitted by current legislation on the subject, for the achievement of the corporate purpose
  • In any case, with the express exclusion of any activity carried out towards the public, it may carry out all commercial, financial, industrial, securities and real estate transactions, grant sureties, endorsements, deposits and guarantees, also in favor of third parties, as well as assume, only for the purpose of stable investment and not for placement, both directly and indirectly, equity investments in Italian and foreign companies having a similar, similar or connected object to its own, and set up trust.

Performed Activity

“Rentopolis was born in 2013 from the idea of ​​a team of legal, tax and financial professionals who believed in the development of alternative forms to long-term rentals or traditional forms of accommodation (hotels and b & b). rentopolis has implemented a management system with various highly technological and easily usable applications that allow you to make the most of the short-term rental market in a professional and organized way. with rentopolis the customer can take advantage of complete synchronization with the major publication channels, can regularize the exercise of this activity by easily fulfilling the obligations
required by law for the exercise of the rental business for short periods; can manage the flow of information, requests and / or questions from guests from a single portal, can take advantage of dynamic pricing tools through innovative algorithms and analyze reviews even semantically, with a view to continuously improving the quality of the stay and experience that you want to let your guest live. Rentopolis is the reliable partner that allows the owners of properties or accommodation facilities of any kind (private individuals entering the short-term rental market or professional operators who already know this
market) to assist them on the more complex aspects of this activity, i.e. create reservations and be visible in a capillary and global way on hundreds of internet channels, fulfill legal and tax obligations (such as sending data to the police headquarters, generation of lease contracts, of the payment of taxes, etc), to obtain a high ranking also by taking care of the guest at every stage of his experience, making it unforgettable.”

Company Composition

Aware of the responsibilities, including criminal ones, assumed in the event of the release of false declarations,
formation of false documents and their use, and the consequent forfeiture of
benefits granted on the basis of an untruthful statement, pursuant to
of articles 75 and 76 of the decree of the president of the republic 28 December 2000, n. 445 we certify the following:

Stefano Bettanin – owner of 89% of the shares;
Angelo Santangelo – owner of 11% of the shares;

the company is not controlled by other trust companies or holding companies;
No investee company.

Collaborative Relationships

There are no professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers.

Trademark Rights and Industrial Property

Trademark registered in Europe and the United States.